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Lin Rhodes       Wellness Study Groups
Individual and Couples Therapy
Lin Rhodes
The New England Building
157 East New England Avenue
Winter Park, Florida 32789
From Yahoo Local Reviews:

by CrackleBeard the Elder

"5 Stars - Lin Rhodes is a wonderful therapist. During my time with her I came to a great peace with myself. It has been years since I lived in FL but I look back occasionally, sometimes often, and wish I could've put Ms. Rhodes in my pocket as I traveled around the country. Her advice is sage, her inquiry insightful.

My first session brought me such a great relief that I cried afterward. I felt weight lifted.

I know everyone is different, and the greatest therapist is powerless against a patient who doesn't care or who won't try.

Should you find yourself in the market for a counselor, I cannot recommend Lin Rhodes highly enough."

by Gina

"Highly recommended! Lin Rhodes is an excellent therapist. She helped me change the direction of my life. I am so thankful!"

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